Yixing Hongli Lighting: the leader of the high-end custom lighting industry

2019-06-13 1657


      To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, four gorgeous LED high pole lights on Tiananmen Square in Beijing have recently increased their brightness. These brand-new LED high pole lights are all from the Hongli Lighting Group in Wanshi Town, Yixing City. This is the third time that the group has undertaken the lighting project of Tiananmen Square after the 50th anniversary and 60th anniversary of the National Day. Over the years, relying on the strong scientific research "home", Hongli Lighting Group has continued to enhance its research and development capabilities, and has embarked on a unique technology and enterprise road, becoming the "leader" in the domestic outdoor and landscape lighting industry.

      For more than half a century, the style of Chinese lanterns on Tiananmen Square has changed little, but the light sources and lamps used by them have been changing in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, brighter and more beautiful. Especially in the past ten years, Hua Deng has completed three generations of replacement from incandescent lamps to sodium lamps to energy-saving LED lamps. In the meantime, every time the important nodes are transformed, the Hongli Lighting Group can stand out from the many first-line lighting brands at home and abroad, relying on excellent product quality and high technology content. Especially in this bidding, the illuminance, uniformity, attenuation and other indicators of Grace Lighting products are still in the leading position among domestic and foreign strong opponents such as Philips and Osram. The on-site test installation effect is also the most prominent.

      Founded in 1991, Hongli Lighting Group is one of the earliest professional companies engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of lighting products. Although it was only a small factory engaged in the production of traditional lighting and light pole processing, the group leader has always been eager to make the company bigger and stronger, and to bring the core technology to the home and abroad. In 2005, the company invested more than 50 million yuan to establish an LED production R&D base, set up a research team, and invested a large amount of money each year in the development of LED lights. In 2010, Hongli Lighting Group launched the COB packaging production line of high-power LEDs, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies in packaging technology, and independently developing core cooling systems, light distribution technologies and single-lamp control technologies with independent intellectual property rights. It is at the leading level among domestic counterparts.

      “Every project's outdoor lighting project is basically 'special order', which has a very high quality requirement.” Lu Guofeng, general manager of Hongli Lighting Group, said that their products should be targeted according to different requirements of construction site and construction section. Sexual production. In 2017, the Group undertook the Sutong Bridge Lighting Reconstruction Project. It is necessary to customize two-way six-car road lights and two-way ten-car road lights according to the road width of each road section to ensure that the road illumination requirements meet the design standards. Through the group's technical research, the project was successfully completed, and after the operation, it can save electricity costs of 1.5 million yuan per year. Last year, the Group successfully undertook the “Shanghe Summit” urban lighting construction project in Qingdao (Shibei District), which was mainly responsible for the landscape lighting project on both sides of the Wanwan Avenue. The road conditions around Huanwan Avenue are very complicated. There are four or five criss-crossing overpasses, which are very difficult to design. In the case that the project deadline is very tight, the problem of the light radiation area of each lamp should be solved as much as possible. For this reason, the technical team of the group organized a team of experts to conduct on-site investigation for several consecutive nights to formulate a special lamp light distribution plan. In the end, the plans and products that came up with the perfect presentation of the night view of the northern part of Qingdao.

      For many years, the LED products of Hongli Lighting Group have been installed in major national projects such as large airports, terminals, stadiums and other high-tech countries, and most of them are projects with complicated design and difficult construction. Capital International Airport, Pudong International Airport High Lights Project, Tongren “Dream Jinjiang Large Light Show” design, Xiamen Port Ferry 35 meters high pole lighting project... Since 2007, the total lighting equipment installation of Hongli Lighting Group has been More than 200,000 miles. Lu Guofeng said that because they have been aiming at projects that can enhance their competitiveness, many projects undertaken can also promote their technological progress, so almost every project is matched with targeted technology research and development. Thanks to this, at present, the Group has 40 independent intellectual property rights, and cooperated with scientific research institutions and universities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Space, Tsinghua, Tongji, etc., and obtained a number of invention patents in the research and development of core materials and optical systems. The formulation of more than 10 national-level technical and design specifications standards, such as “City Lighting Road Design Standard CJJ45-2015” and “LED Urban Road Lighting Application Technical Requirements”. (Reporter Chen Jiao)

(Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long)